The Timmins Porcupine Figure Skating Club is proud to have some fantastic coaches.

                                                                             CanSkate (Badge 2-6)
                                                                             Head Coach:
Meagan Montgomery
                                                                             Assistant Coach: Nadia Riopel

                                                                             Parents and Tots (Pre CanSkate & Badge 1)
                                                                             Meagan Montgomery

                                                                             Adult Skate
                                                                             Chantal Charette

                                                                             Freelance Coaches
                                                                             Chantal Charette
                                                                             Nadia Riopel
                                                                             Shelley McGee

                                                                             Coaches accepting new students upon availability


  • Bilingual
  • Primary StarSkate coach Level 1 (trained and certified since 2014)
  • Trained status for CanSkate since 2011
  • Star 1-5 program training and assessor training
  • First Aid level C
  • Gold status for Skate Canada Continuous Education Program 2015
  • Working towards StarSkate Coach level 2
  • Participated in 1987 and 1988 Canadian Precision Skating Championships (Placed 3rd at the Challenge Cup)
  • Many years of volunteer work at the CanSkate and Junior level

          NADIA RIOPEL

  •  Is a Certified Provincial Coach in Singles, Pairs and Synchronized
  •  Is a Certified CanPower Coach
  •  Certified First Aid
  •  Valid  Backcheck (Police Screening)
  • Figure Skating has  been my career choice for 22 years,  in various clubs (Chapleau, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane, Chisassibi)
  •  13 years of business experience as owner/operator of Climb N Fun
  •  Was club Administrator and Coach for the Chisasibi Club for one season.
  •  Organized and Choreographed several Ice Show, Carnivals
  •  Bilingual, enthusiastic, creative, innovative and  quick thinker.
  •  Achieved Gold medal in Skills and Dance, Silver medal in Artistic, Jr. Silver Free Skate and 4th Figure
  •  Had many skaters achieve their gold medals in Skills, Free skate, Dance,  Interpretive
  •  Have had multiple skaters from three different clubs qualify and attend the Provincial Competition

          SHELLEY McGEE

  • Certified Provincial Coach in Singles, Pairs and Synchronization Disciplines
  • Completed Level 1
  • Completed Level 2 in Singles, Pairs and Synchronization Disciplines
  • Star 1-5 program training and assessor training
  • Certified First Aid
  • Gold Medalist in Dance, Skills, Free Skate, and Figures
  • Has had many students accomplish Gold Dance, Gold Skills, Gold Figures, and Gold Interpretive
  • Coached Synchronized Skating Team
  • Coached Adult Skate
  • Coached skaters that represented Northern Ontario
  • Organized and Choreographed many Ice Shows and Carnivals
  • Has 32 years of coaching experience